Gina Radke, CEO of Galley Support Innovations (GSI), made an impact this last week in Washington D.C.

Gina participated in her home state’s annual D.C. fly-in hosted by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.  During her time in our nation’s capital, she discussed items from trade to export, labor statistics to business development, she turned over as many rocks as she could.  Her focus on this trip was to keep aerospace in Arkansas at the top of her state legislators’ minds, as well as, to make sure they understood the need to support legislation that effects aerospace companies across this nation.  Gina is unashamed about building her brand by building her customers. “In order to be a good business partner to your customers, you should always look to maximize their impact”, says Gina. “We may not have all of their business, but the more they have, the more we potentially get.”  One of her most poignant meetings was with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the President’s Press Secretary.  In a brief meeting, they were able to discuss work-life balance, international trade, family values and aerospace.   Aerospace in the U.S. contributes over $680 billion dollars a year to the GDP and employs over one million people, this is a life blood to many communities throughout the country, it is also the number one export of her home state.  Upon returning home, Gina plans to make sure that the economic momentum in aerospace and small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) keeps plowing forward, supporting the middle class, and creating jobs.   She is currently in the process of coordinating and planning the European Union & United States international annual SME trade meeting to be held in Arkansas this year, of which she lobbied heavily for. Stay tuned on this, more to come.