img_96641GSI produces quality Quarter (¼) retainers to secure aircraft interior drawers. They also act as a fail-safe for galley latches. But a murder weapon?

Recently GSI employee Diann Siegele was watching one of her favorite shows Bones when she spotted something that looked familiar! The next day she sent out screen shots of the show which featured ¼ retainers as the murder weapon.

She has seen those bright red quarter (1/4) turn retainers which are produced for commercial aircraft many times in her work here at GSI.

Although, we at GSI believe our product is “to die for” and may even be able to say to we “Live and Die by our quality standards” we promise we are not in the business of making murder weapons. But I will say we make some killer interior hardware, latches and of course quarter (¼) turn retainers!

galley2Next time you are traveling on a commercial flight be sure to notice the galley Latches and retainers as you enter the aircraft. You never know, they could be made by your friends here at Galley Support Innovations!

Galley Support Innovations, Inc. (GSI) is a designer and manufacturer of interior hardware for planes, trains, yachts and more. GSI produces superior quality interior hardware including: locks, latches, door bolting systems, coat hooks, turns, retainers, lock out hasp latches, finger pulls, door holders and more.

GSI is known for their Galley Latches on commercial aircraft as well as private VIP aircraft.

Galley Support Innovations, Inc. has two locations:

  • 411 Manson Road, Sherwood AR
  • 918 Horton St. Suite 710, Seattle WA

Come see our quarter (¼) turn retainers and much more on display this year at NBAA in booth 1254!


Photos used without permission from television show “Bones” and all proprietary rights remain with the respective owners/producers.