We mention right on the Galley Support Innovations website that we use LEAN manufacturing principles in our facilities “to allow for a short lead time and a low cost for all customers.” But, in reality, that explanation barely touches all the reasons we lean toward LEAN principles.

LEAN principles fall right into line with what we believe and hold as the basis for our business. While our primary products are aircraft interior hardware, latches for commercial applications, and interior hardware for VIP products like RVs and trailers, our primary purpose is to make our clients and employees happy.

We find that LEAN principles help us to achieve that primary purpose.

Our clients have told us they love our latches and products. They love working with us and appreciate our attention to quality and detail. One of the reasons we can provide such stellar hardware and service at affordable prices is rooted in the theory of continuous improvement – a LEAN ideal. Here’s how we see it working for us:

Cost savings translate to reduced costs for our customers is because:

  • Reducing the time necessary to manufacture products through the savings of steps and logistic placement of equipment and work stations. We strive to improve the flow of work in our facilities. Efficiency saves time and money, production increases.
  • Implementing processes that ensure quality checks and balances throughout the design process and into the manufacturing process. Uncovering problems early in the process prevents the time cost in making changes and fixes later on.

Employee satisfaction is another very important aspect of the excellent work being done at Galley Support Innovations. A pleasant workplace where employees are respected, empowered and appreciated is a place that provides quality products and services. LEAN principles help us to create and maintain such an atmosphere by:

  • Employees are involved in the on-going pursuit of continued improvement. We listen when they have ideas and suggestions for improvements. In fact, we encourage them to always be on the lookout for ways to streamline steps, increase efficiency and eliminate waste.
  • The smooth “flow” of work not only improves efficiency, but also tends to expose quality problems as well. Employees at Galley Support Innovations don’t just “make latches and hardware,” they make products they are proud to point out as theirs. The quality is a result of having the right people with the right quantity of the right things doing the right tasks in the right process.
  • Employees understanding the “big picture” is another aspect of LEAN principles. Workers understand what impact the quality and timeliness of their work has down the line. This provides them the ability to be flexible and take great pride in the work they do. It’s important to the end result, us, them, and our customers.

Like I said, our purpose is to make clients and employees happy – and LEAN manufacturing principles give us a platform to make that happen. We make a promise to our customers that they will receive excellent quality hardware and latches, produced in a timely manner that meet their needs. We promise service after the sale that will impress and amaze – every time.

Yes, we are known for the quality of aircraft interior hardware and interior hardware for custom applications, but we take great pride in keeping our promises, too. We take our promises very seriously.

Contact Galley Support Innovations when you need standard or new and innovative latches for any aviation, rail, auto or marine applications. We know you will be glad you found us!