Here at Galley Support Innovations (GSI) we spend a lot of our time with our heads down working and solving our clients’ problems. That’s what we do.

You cannot imagine my surprise when a client let us know he considered us part of his competitive edge. Not quite sure what point he was making, I asked him to explain.

For many aircraft latch manufacturers, galley latches, slam latches, retainers and other interior hardware are core products – a commodity that is ordered, produced, and shipped. GSI has a line of core products that are always in production and being shipped. And our clients love our products, reliable quality and production and quick response if there is a hiccup somewhere along the line.

But in addition to these core products, we have the capability and capacity to innovate and manufacture specialty products, too. And this was why our client was calling GSI part of his competitive edge. He knows that the functionality of GSI latches and other aircraft interior hardware is always top notch. He relies on that, but he also knows that the same excellence is readily available when he needs something new or special.

VIP custom solutions and treatment are the norm at GSI

He can come to us with his problems and needs and know that we will work hand-in-hand with him to find the solution that is not just viable but exceptional, too. Situations and needs vary:

  • A demanding customer wants something new and different that accommodates a certain specification – a custom solution
  • A new model design includes a new theme that outshines last year’s model, perhaps faucets or coat hooks following an interesting motif
  • A hinge design that accommodates a change in the structural design; one that requires a negative radius, or flush mount

Whatever the problem, design aesthetic, or structural change, Galley Support Innovations will work with our clients to engineer and produce the product that will work.

But he said that was not all. We are his secret edge in that we will help guide the initial installation and aid in training. Because we do that, he captures time and prevents quality problems because it’s right from the get go.

None of this happens by accident here at Galley Support Innovations. We make a promise every day to delight our clients in every way we can. That’s why we have our heads down working hard for them.

If you have a need – or desire – to have the same competitive edge that makes your products stand out among the crowd, contact us. Together we can make something great.