Yep, you hear it all the time: “We provide great customer service to our customers!!” We say it, too.

However, you know that in reality, it’s not always the truth. We hope you get great customer service in every one of your business dealings, we really do. But hoping you get the service you want – and need – for your company to be successful isn’t all we do. We build customer service results into every step of every process at Galley Support Innovations.

Most manufacturers have a quality control system in place. They check products routinely to guarantee accuracy and quality. That’s great. But for us, quality begins well before the product is manufactured.

Where quality and customer service begins at Galley Support Innovations

So many issues that are found as parts come off the line could be resolved before the piece, part or product is ever created. To us, it begins in the design.

Excellence in a product grows out of excellence in design. Our engineers and designers create many custom pieces and parts that are engineered to solve a specific problem or meet very detailed specifications. We listen intently to the client as the problem or dilemma is described. Imagination and creativity play into the solutions we devise because sometimes a different perspective and idea is the best resolution.

But innovation isn’t the end of providing customer satisfaction in our process. We take the idea apart and push it through scenarios that fit all the “what ifs” and likely design iterations in the engineering process. Early detection of interferences between components allows for adjustments in the final design that results in an excellent outcome for our clients.

Taking the “art to the part” on the manufacturing floor, the same quality assurance mindset uncovers any defects or variances, which are resolved immediately without compromising the design or the quality of the product. Customers benefit from the integrated design and manufacturing capabilities of Galley Support Innovations.

Every process is developed with the customer in mind

Product development is more than just part manufacturing. Quality awareness and attention to the details in design data, product application and product installation are an integral part of our engineering process.

Customer service is built into our DNA here at Galley Support Innovations. It underpins our processes every step of the way from initial meetings and design conversations to the final product being installed in your facilities.

So, while everyone may say they provide great customer service, we live and breathe great customer service. All of us involved in the development and production of a product or component get a rush, a thrill, when our clients are satisfied.

Whether you need custom latches, fittings or other parts that are straight off-the-line products we manufacture, get in touch with us. We’d love to give you the opportunity to experience our great customer service.