Spark! Star Spotlight: Provided by Museum of Discovery

Gina Radke is a “catalyst.” She has made a passion, and a living, out of helping change other people’s lives. In her service on the Arkansas Career Education and Workforce Development Board, “I am always looking out for marginalized groups. Why are no women applying to be engineers? Why are no minorities applying to run CNC machines?” In 2005, she and her husband, Wade, bought a failing business his grandfather had founded in California and moved it to Sherwood. In creating components that are critical parts of the interiors of jet aircraft, both commercial and private, high-tech surrounds Gina, a former store clerk, radio deejay, promotions director and non-profit CEO. But make no mistake about it, this social psychology major can operate every machine on her company’s shop floor – lathes, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, grinders and buffers. And she’s learned the business of business from the ground up. Gina spends her spare time mentoring and encouraging others to pursue STEM careers.

Gina and other Spark! Stars were honored at Fifth Annual Spark! benefiting Museum of Discovery on Tuesday, November 7.


“The most amazing part about this honor was meeting the others “Stars”. Raye Montague is a huge inspiration to me. She never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do it. Instead she asked the question, ‘What do I have to do to make this happen?’ and then she made it happen. That’s my kind of woman!’ Was Gina’s response to the honor of being a Spark! Star.

“People don’t realize there is STEM in everything GSI does. We use STEM to produce Galley Aircraft Latches that fly all over the world. From the design engineers, machinist, and even the science behind discovering at which point a latch, hinges or retainer will fail.”


Galley Support Innovations, Inc. (GSI) is a designer and manufacturer of interior hardware for planes, trains, yachts and more. GSI produces superior quality interior hardware including: locks, latches, door bolting systems, coat hooks, turns, retainers, lock out hasp latches, finger pulls, door holders, movie storage, oval and square.