Galley Support Innovations has the distinction of designing the newest and most original interior hardware for business aircraft. The galley latches that GSI has designed for its corporate and private customers are like pieces of art to frame the beautiful interiors orchestrated by some of the world’s most innovative designers.

In past years it has been a shame that designers would spend hours meticulously designing an interior of the finest leather, exotic woods and plush carpets only to have to choose mass produced “off the shelf” hardware that will hold it all together. A plain square or oval latch that sticks out like a sore thumb against the beautifully designed interior.

But no more!

GSI features hidden latches that compliments your interior just as a diamond necklace around a beautiful woman’s neck. The hidden latch does not distract from the beauty of the interior; it acts as a functioning accessory that lets the interior be in the star of the show.

This year GSI will feature a design studio in booth 1254 where designers can come in to use the latest in modeling software to design their very own dream latch.

Stop by Booth 1254 and experience new trend in latches.

Your interior is a work of art, shouldn’t your latches be as well?




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