Here at Galley Support Innovations (GSI), we really get the “Wow” factor you want in latches. Really.

We feel that same kind of thrill you get when an idea for something sleek and innovative in access solutions becomes tangible products like interior hardware, latches and other retainers. We have the engineering expertise that begins with your idea, and then proceeds through quick prototyping into the hands of nimble pros on the manufactuing floor. That process transforms blank metal and your idea into reality.

But that’s just a portion of the “Wow,” isn’t it?

Another part is when your customer sees it installed and working. That’s when the result of innovation really touches people. And we get that part of the “Wow,” too.

How GSI creates WOW latches for our clients

GSI never leaves a client on their own when it comes to fitting and installation. We are right there by your side to make sure that not only is the part perfect, but it gets a perfect fit. That applies to everything from aircraft latches to slam latches for boats, trains and RVs. We make sure the part operates properly within the installation, too. Our standards are so high, some might call them the desire for perfection. That’s OK. We like it that way. Innovation and production are our “Wow” experience.

Take for example the touchless latch product we have produced. When your customers experience it, it will become one of the unique elements of your aircraft, boat or RV – one of the things they point out to their friends and family. Hardware can be one of those special touches they know you can provide that will draw them back for repeat business. It’s a real “Wow.” Take a look in this short video:


Luxury from engineering. Some customers will appreciate the innovation and expertise that it takes to create such a product, others will think it’s more like magic. Whichever mindset your customer has doesn’t matter. They will all appreciate the distinctive special touch. Interior hardware made special – that’s what the team at Galley Support Innovations can do for you, just like we have done for many of our other clients.

Give us the opportunity to “Wow” you and your customers. Contact us with those napkin drawings and great ideas. Galley Support Innovations can make it happen!