GSI is known for designing and manufacturing latches, hinges and other interior hardware for
the finest aircraft, RV’s, yachts, and rail cars in the world. It seems like a pretty simple business. But the truth is what GSI really does is build people. We have a saying, “We build latches to build people.”

So how do we do that? We do that by investing in our employees, their families, and our community.

At GSI we believe that people are our best asset. And we want to keep them happy and
healthy! We offer benefits that focus on workplace culture, employee physical health and
employee mental health. GSI team members are encouraged to never stop learning through tuition assistance and memberships to the Innovation Hub.

At GSI we have a unique blend of people. Some of whom are lifelong over achievers, graduated at the top of their class, and some who got their GED in prison. So what makes it work? The mutual respect for all people regardless of background coupled with the desire to design
and produce the best product in the industry.

GSI has become known for hiring people who need a 2nd chance. This includes people who have been convicted of felonies, have graduated treatment facilities, have a mental or physical disability or who simply need work experience in their chosen field.

But don’t let the “2nd chance” label fool you. We only hire the best.

Our people are the brightest, most innovative, hardworking people in the industry. We hire based on character and work ethic. We believe that once a person with the desire to succeed meets an opportunity to succeed magic happens.

GSI as a company was once given the opportunity to succeed. Once our desire to succeed and
innovate met the opportunity, GSI created magic in the form of completely new designs for
the corporate aviation industry interior hardware. We designed hidden cabinet latches, radius
hinges, changeable covers and much more. So as a company we understand that given the chance, regardless of background, anyone with the desire to succeed can make magic!