Sometimes in life we find ourselves with an unexpected platform: Mine came when I was named SBA’s Business Person of the Year.

I have decided to use this platform to help other small business owners. Actually, the people I decided to help are not traditional “small business” owners: they are independent distributors for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies.

Why review these products? Because I hate that they get a bad reputation simply because they are part of an MLM. (And because I got my start in business in the Amway MLM business.) Most of the people I know didn’t start off in MLM because they wanted to get rich. Most distributors started their business because they liked the product, and needed the extra money due to tragedy such as the loss of income.

I tested 5 products and only 2 made the cut to be reviewed.

*Note: I do not sell any of these products or profit financially by reviewing them in any way. 


Nerium Night Cream, Day Cream & Eye Cream

I used the Nerium Cream for 10 days, starting with the night cream. I used my regular face wash (Olay) and then applied the green tea-colored night cream. The smell was a little strong for me. It did not have a chemical smell. In fact, it smelled very natural: somewhat like I was spreading wheat grass on my face. Honestly, the smell reminded me of teas my hippie parents drink!

I will say that I felt a tightening of my skin immediately after putting it on! It felt very smooth. I have highly sensitive skin, so I was a little worried it would cause me to break-out, but I had no issues the entire time I used the product.

The next morning I used the day cream. It was smooth and not greasy at all. I did not use any other products during this ten days.

So here is the kicker: I used the products for 10 days and it wasn’t a “magical-overnight-I-looked-younger-effect” one might hope to find. However, 3 days after stopping the product I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, “I look old and worn out!” And that’s when I realized the real difference in my skin.

After seeing the difference in using it and not using it I would most definitely recommend this product.

Both my husband and I tested the eye cream. That stuff is insane! I don’t normally have eye bags under my eyes, but my husband does. Within 3 minutes the bags under his eyes were noticeably smaller! (He wouldn’t let me share the picture, but it was pretty amazing!)

For more information, contact:

Melinda Spraggs
Nerium International Independent Brand Partner

Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanner

I love to be tan, but I would hate to have the wrinkles and cancer that can result. I visit the tanning salon a few times a year and love to get spray tans for special occasions. I actually have a wonderful person who is a true artist at spray tans — she can even give muscle tone in your arms and legs with her technique!

Sunless tanners typically have an awkward smell and appear orange on me. As you might expect, I wasn’t really excited about trying a sunless tanner but I often heard good things from people using Rodan & Fields so I went all out with it.

By “all out” I mean that I covered my whole body, including my neck and face, the day before I was going to wear shorts for the first time this year. I followed the directions and used a body scrub (I used my Bath and Body works brand scrub), shaved and put lotion on my hands, ankles, knees and elbows. The only thing I didn’t do as recommended was to use latex gloves.

When I first pumped the foam onto my hands I was mortified. It was clear! There was no color guide… I panicked! Then I took a deep breath and fully committed once again. It was almost too easy to apply; I was sure I would wake up looking crazy.

I am glad to report that I applied the foam — even to my face — waited 15 minutes, then went to bed on my white sheets and comforter. I wake up the next morning beautifully tan! No streaks. (My face looked wonderful, too!) And my bed sheets were still white! It does seem like the smell gets stronger overnight, but it still wasn’t bad at all. The tan lasted about 7 days and then started to fade just like a professional spray tan. I simply reapplied!

I am really impressed with this product and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a sunless tanner. It’s not cheap, but for the cost of one spray tan I think I’m going to get about 10-12 tans out of a single bottle. That’s basically one bottle for all summer!

For more information, contact:

Shena Phagan


Why include my personal reviews for these MLM products in our corporate blog? It’s all business.  We each have a story to tell and many of the world’s leading business men and woman started in a small business or independent distributorship.

The quality of a product should stand on its own merit. The best companies constantly review and improve their quality assurance programs to provide the highest quality product available. Galley Support Innovations was one of the first interior hardware manufactures to become AS9100 Certified in 2006.

Product testing is a vital of our business success and I hope my independent testing and reviews contribute to the success of other small businesses and independent distributors.

Gina Radke, CEO
Galley Support Innovations