Editorial Word by, Wade Radke, COO GSI

We Can Sell you what We Have, or Give You what You Want!

After reading the current Business Jets Interior International (www.businessjetinteriorsinternational.com) I was inspired and confused.  Not to seem arrogant or short sided, I just could not help but wonder why everyone in the interior aircraft design world are now starting to use old concepts such as “Bespoke” and “Unique.” When GSI has been doing this for years.

I believe one of the major problems with this concept of “Bespoke Interiors” is that these designers stop just short of being unique.  They stop short of The Final Touch.  For me, obviously, the final touch is that of the latch or the mechanism that holds it all together.  It’s like the beautiful woman who prepares for a wonderful Gala Event, with makeup so perfectly applied and hair just precisely positioned, with no piece of hair out of place.  A dress the enhances and beautifies, every feature with just the right amount of class and appeal. Then with the final touch, she puts on off the shelf generic jewelry. The same jewelry that everyone else will have.  Not to the diminish the fact that she still looks amazing and beautiful, but the final touch of her unique presentation gets lost in the mundane of what everyone else has.

“The latch of the interior is like the signature piece of jewelry that sets you apart from the crowd.” Says Gina Radke, CEO of Galley Support Innovations (GSI). Here at GSI, we entered into the VIP market by offering one off, custom solutions, unique to each customers vision.  We are glad to see the industry moving towards this unique, bespoke perspective, we just hope they have the vision to add The Final Touch! We are here to help, with no, too low-cost design fee’s and rapid lead times.