When we introduced the frictionless striker in 2010 it was the solution the market needed. Prior to that time, strikers protruded into already limited cabinet space, were a risk for snagging clothing, were often contributors to loud noises when the latch was engaged or disengaged, and were an eyesore in general. Due to its small envelope and mounting options, the frictionless striker became the industry’s first hidden striker. Additionally, it’s design greatly reduced engagement noise. Fast forward to 2017 and business jet interiors are becoming increasingly silent.  The push to reduce latch noise- as well as to ensure that what noise is present carries a sense of luxury, quality, and intentionality- is more important than ever. Thanks to our innovative nature, we already had the solution before the industry knew it needed it.

Variations of the frictionless striker are now offered by our competitors and many of its features are becoming the standard for corporate jet interior hardware. That’s another side effect of pushing the development envelope; when you do something great others soon follow in your footsteps. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Frictionless StrikerGSI continues to be the forerunner of new technology in aerospace interior hardware. Even now we are engaged in several joint development projects that lead the way in design aesthetics, strive towards zero defect levels of quality, and promise to once again transform the landscape- and soundscape- of your business jet interior.