Galley Support Innovations (GSI) has a zero-defect policy which is a management-led program to eliminate defects throughout the entire company.  The tools we use to accomplish this include our Quality Management System and our Quality Kata System.

GSI’s Quality Management System allows our company to ensure our existing processes are not only working, but also help determine if we have the correct processes in place.  We are always looking for ways to continuously improve.  By improving our processes, we can do things such as reduce cost, shorten lead times, and provide a zero-defects high quality products to our customers.


At Galley Support Innovations, we have implemented a lean six sigma program called Quality Kata System (QKS). QKS is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance and quality by systematically removing non-value added activities and waste. This is done by combining principles of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma to create a hybrid system that is customized to our organization.  The QKS team has successfully completed numerous projects to increase efficiency and quality.  This system ensures we are providing our customers the highest quality product possible.