Building a community at GSI

We’re more than a company; we’re a thriving community. Our success is built on the principles of care, support, and unity.

Congratulations Emily

(VP) David Valovich acknowledged Emily Moore as GSI’s Employee of the Quarter for 1st QTR 2024.

Mid America Aerospace and Defense Summit 2023: Hosted by Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance (AADA)

Tinkerfest 2023: Stimulating our next generation through STEAM events at Tinkerfest sponsored by Museum of Discover

We like to stay busy

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Everyone deserves that second chance

At GSI, we firmly believe in the power of second chances. We’re committed to providing people with the opportunity for redemption and transformation through gainful, supportive employment. Instead of being defined by their pasts, we allow people to define themselves through the potential of their future.

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