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Our product line has a long and rich history dating back over 60 years. It was originally designed to accommodate the growing need for aviation galley support equipment. Our products were founded on principles of providing customers with unique innovative designs which were not yet available in the market place. Our designs have forged the way in many of the proven, tried and true, aerospace platforms of the last five decades.

Galley Support Innovations takes its name seriously. To be innovative, a product must continue to develop to be relevant. It must grow to meet the high demands of an ever evolving industry. The GSI product line has grown from its commercial aerospace roots to now include, top of the line luxury corporate aircraft, RV’s, Yachts and Rail. We provide the same philosophy of innovative and unique designs, now just to a more diverse cliental.

In every product and design, no details are left out, from weight to plating tolerance, from materials to being green, we think of everything. All you have to do is order!

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Innovation at Work

When faced with a difficult design challenge, for which there was currently no solution on the market, the engineers of Dassault Falcon Jet, Little Rock, turned to the GSI team. GSI took a complicated negative radius cabinet and developed a custom hinge that opened and pulled forward at the same time. This allowed the design engineers to maintain their elegant styling while adding the function required.

After encountering extreme success with the G280 project, the GSI team was back at it again. This time, it was with Gulfstream’s newest, largest, premier aircraft, the G650. Once again, GSI streamlined the process and turned customer’s “vision” into reality.

The G280 project developed as most great projects do, on a napkin. “Napkin Engineering” GSI took one designer’s dream styling concepts and brought them to life, by adding function, reliability, testing and an innovative cabinet edge mounting design. GSI transformed the common center mounting latch design and brought it to the cutting edge of innovation!

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